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tv   [untitled]    August 17, 2014 12:00am-12:31am PDT

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bike project to june 2016. >> same house, same call? this see adapted. a resolution authorizing the rec and park department to accept a grant for one hundred thousand to support the construction of the vertical that component at the golden gate park from august 1st. same house, same call? this resolution is adapted. item 24 oar is a resolution to approve a contract for the rehabilitation for the conference committee for recommended tools and training not to exceed $34 million for a 6 year terminate to commence the board approval. same house, same call? this see adapt. item 25 to approve amendment 24 for a airport contract for the terminal and refurbishment between p&g and engineering and
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the city in an amount not to exceed 12 million >> same house, same call? >> resolution to approve modification to a construction management support services for the runway between the city not to exceed $14.7 million. same house, same call? this resolution is adapted. item 27 resolution to authorize the department of public health to summit an application to the metropolitan up to 89 of 9 hundred thousand plus. same house, same call? this resolution is adapted. item 28 a resolution for accident lease of real property its 258 laguna boulevard by the office of the public defender at a monthly rent of $2,000 5
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hundred through june 30th, 2019, this year same house, same call? call items 29 through 3s 0 contract amendments between the department of public health and the following inhibits in i have no speaker cards amounts for provision of mental health and increasing not to exceed $29 million to $37 million from july 31 july 31st to 2015 and the richard area to provide behavorial health services in an amount not to exceed $42 million plus to december 2015 and the health outpatient for mental health substance abuse and increasing the total contract amount of 64 $.5 million through
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2015 and item 22 to provide pharmacy services to expand the contracted term not to exceed approximately $22 million. and item 33. health right 360 for fiscal services for behavorial health services and extending the contract terms through 2018 >> same house, same call? these recessess are adapted item 34. is a resolution authorize a no cost neutral host for the public safety building on third street with new singular wireless >> same house, same call? this resolution is adapted. item 35. is a resolution to approve the
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energy public work between the public utilities commission and the monterey code to repair the water treatment power plant not to exceed $5 million oar same house, same call? this resolution is adapted in relation arrest item 36 a resolution to retrofit 86 have a lease for the hotel on eddy street for the department of public health for a 10 year term for proximate 61 thousand in the initial year >> same house, same call? this resolution is adapted item 37. >> resolution to retrofit 86 approve a lease agreement with the school district for 2 hundred and 16 thousand per most o month from july 2014 to
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april 13, 2026. >> same house, same call? this resolution is adapted. item 38 designating the small business exchange to be the newspapers for the african-american chinese and hayek community and the world journal to be the newspapers for the for the - for the african-american you community the bay area report for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgenders and the centralized city extra for the western edition to that be the neighborhood for the western edition neighborhood and the marina times to be the newspapers for the northern san francisco neighborhood and the neighborhood outreach for the west portal neighborhood and the katrero to be the newspapers for the city and county of san francisco for the katrero and dog patch and selma to provide
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outreach and advertising for fiscal years 2014-2015 >> supervisor cohen. >> i have a quick question as a point of order i think it is to the mayor's office about this item item 38 outreach advertising in the neighborhood newspaper my question how are those papers selected and the criteria that is used. >> thank you jason from the mayor's office i was unaware we were going to get into this subject matter so i'll call the office and get someone here. >> supervisor farrell. >> sure i'm happy to comment but waiting for the mayors staff we heard that last week there are certain papers that are
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responsive to the criteria set forth and supervisor mar was at the budget committee and a a number of papers being printed in the record outside of san francisco and in past practices we included all the vendors that responded to the rfp and all those that respond we put on the list so if you want to hear from the mayors team. >> i'd like to hear the mayors team before i do the vote i'm not sure what motion to make at this point. >> so colleagues if we can without objection move this later in the meeting so the mayor's office can answer those questions. >> items 39 and 40. >> are two resolutions authorizing and directing the sale not to exceed of approximately $106 million in
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aggregate amazes for the general obligation bond earthquake safety and bonds 2014 and item is the principle amount in obligation bonds for the 2010 for the execution and register of said bonds for the competitive sale for the official notice of sale to sell the bonds. >> same house, same call? these items are approved and adopted item 41 >> resolution to retrofitly for the 2014-2015 the receptionist to accept and spend one hundred and 38 thousand grant to support the park recreations. >> same house, same call? this resolution is adapted item 42
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and 43 for the multi single-family bonds. >> this is to reimburse procedures from the in-depth in essence from the mayor's office of housing and community development to submitting submit an operation to the building department committee to permit the ordinance of mortgage revenue bonds not to exceed 3 hundred and 75 million for 1500 mission street and item 43 the inclusive agreement for 1580 mission street a resolution approving the letter of intent with the urban housing for the potential purchase approximately 2 hundred and 53 million same house, same call? >> this is not to exceed of 4
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hundred million in aggregate amount of the earthquake safety and emergency response. same house, same call? . this resolution is adapted. colleagues why don't we skip over the 3:00 p.m. special meeting before our 2:30 special order. item 230 >> item 51 and 52 were considered on july 24th and forwarded to the board as committee reports item 51 to retrofitly authorize the management to accept and extend securities grant fund approximately, one million for the u.s. department of homeland security for the period through may 2015. >> same house, same call?
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these recessess are adapted. item 52 to accept a contract for the inmate management system between chief come say with a guaranteed annual minimum income of 4 hundred thousand plus >> same house, same call? this resolution is adapted. >> item 53 through 60 were considered and forwarded to the board as committee reports item 53 to amend the steering committee as the energy coordinating committee reauthorizing the committee for one year to change the qualification and to rise the committees powers and duties. supervisor mar >> thank you president chiu i'm happy to reestablish this coordinating committee the
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committee 80 that was amazing supported by the rules committee global warming and climate change are real threats and we must step forward we need more efficiency with our water usage to exhibit no. 7ly catalog all the policies for the city to consider and lastly to fund the additional work this committee emerged in 2009 as the city got different grassroots environmental organizations became involved with the energy and green jobs creation this will make san francisco more efficient and heal the injustices and help to promote green collar jobs in our city the legislation was also amazing
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support by the small business commission as a collection of the recognition that this can bring to our city also it has been central to the work and supportive of the measure we've been working with a strong community coalition with the city's collaborative i want to thank charley and tony antonio and others and thank you joshua and others for the amount of work they've put into this i hope you all support in steering committee on ordinance. >> thank you, colleagues same house, same call? . we'll take that without objection. thisors is passed on the first reading. item 54 was romanced recommended
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the rules of order by adding a rule to establish the communication procedures for matters on the youth commission and supervisor mar >> thank you president chiu and madam clerk i want to say this is an important ordinance that will help to insure we have a stronger voice with the board of supervisors i'm proud to announce that rules of order by adding the rule to establish scheduling procedures on matters referred to the youth commission and this was unanimously passed by the rules committee. i want to thank our clerk and others for their input so this can be support by your clerk's office and emphasized as an important new policy in our city. it's an honor to carry this
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piece of legislation loan with co-sponsor supervisor campos. the youth commission asked for the help in promoting a stronger and more meaningful youth voice in the board of supervisors and the committees deliberations but with so much of our business happening during the day a lot of of the students are mandated to be in school and effectively barricade if operating if we schedule those during the day i proposed along with supervisor campos a simple change the youth commission can submit a proposal and the committee chairs will work with the youth commission it is to formulate liza challenge in the past many
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supervisors have worked with the scheduling but in the missions two decades the 20 years of the youth commission we've hearing about the juvenile hall additional muni fairs have outdoor without youth in attendance we have the explicit rule of vision zero our work and the youth are mandatory to be in school and have no advocacy groups that represents others constituents. this simple question about youth input is important and this policy motion can better facilitate the engagement of young people to make us better supervisors that i want to thank our clerk and consulting with us about the technical adjustments
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and i'd like to thank district one resident and accident commission on the youth chairman nick for his years of advocacy i proud it's moving forward today at the board of supervisors i look forward to passing this and ask my colleagues to encourage the youth voice >> supervisor campos. >> thank you president chiu i'm not gagging going to add but this simply codifies mechanisms so the youth commission can request a specific committee at the board to at least consider holding a hearing at that time that is practical for youth especially, if the issue is one that placates you i want to thank our clerk's office and
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important importantly to the members of the youth commission. >> colleagues, same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. this motion is approved. colleagues, i want to go to our 2:30 special accommodations we have 5 i want to start with 5th district at large supervisor breed >> great, thank you president chiu. today, i'm honored to bring up to the podium a hero in our community mr. michael jones. (clapping.) i want to thank you, mr. jones for being here today and want to tell you why this man is deserving of this honor on
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july 23rd mike was a truck driver boric acid a debris box fall of cardboard not aware of a homeless man in the board he immediately turned off the hydraulic wall and rushed to his local fire station the man sustained local injuries and jones quick handling which the situation truly saved a man's life the man could have ended up for sure he wouldn't have been alive today. like the humble hero mr. jones returned to his shift and i'd like to thank the firefighters of station 22 who helped to rescue the man and everyday
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heros like mr. jones and the quick action he demonstrated helped to save the day i know you felt it was all in a day's work i'm ready to get back to work by that's truly why you deserve this honor we appreciate you were out there working for ecology and truly save someone's life so on behalf of the city of san francisco i want to thank you and congratulations on the amazing work you did to rescue this person (clapping) so if i want to say a few words >> i want to thank the board of supervisors i really appreciate it and also hanging the men and women of san francisco fire
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department they did a good job. >> thank you. (clapping.) >> thank you supervisor breed our next accomodation will be provide by our 8th district colleague supervisor wiener. >> thank you, mr. president and today, i'm honoring an out going member of our city family wells lawson. come on up.
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colleagues, i know many of you know and have worked with wells over time. i'm sure you're aware of wells was with the redevelopment agency and ocii since 2007 as a senior now a senior project manager with the redevelopment of hunters point shipyard with the candle stick park you know how critical this is the largest project happening in san francisco 10 thousand 5 hundred housing unit a third below market rate and a 3rd of redevelopment space and 3 hundreds acres of new parks and 11 though permanent jobs and new academic activity and wells unfortunately is leaving and
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going down cigarette to the other part of the state has played a critical roll in keeping the project a mega project to keep it moving forward. he's played a key roll from the negotiations every step of the way. the approval process the community process working with the advisory committee and drafting the benefits plan resulting in $83 million in benefits for san francisco. he played a key really in the adaptation of the streetscape plan but ultimately it moved in a great direction because of wells work and leadership. wells were really going to miss you i know a lot of people are going to miss you, your a popular guy and there's a reason
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for that you're one of the people that gets it done and did it in a intelligent way it's a major loss to the city but you're not far away and going on to bigger and better things in the great work you've already been doing so it's my honor to recognize you at the board of supervisors and i know that supervisor cohen has some words as well >> thank you yes. well this is a bittersweet moment i have to thank you for a lot of the projects i've inherited the as supervisor wiener dictated wells lawson has been a tremendous asset to san francisco i it's a pleasure to give you an opportunity to feel the love we have it is a loss i want to let
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you know that certainly on my staff andrea has been crying (laughter) about this moment and you're an amazing project manager i know you guys worked hand to hand but thank you for your your due diligence wells was a project manager on the shipyard project and did a lot of the work in the redevelopment agency and i don't know if the co-sponsors have here but i want to recognize your work we're grateful and you'll be missed you're welcome to come back my time. >> thank you (clapping.) i'll keep my remarks short i've been reflecting last month what has occurred to me in the city
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this city's leadership and staff it is complex and everything it is accomplishing is powerful it's been a wonderful thing in forming who i am today professionally and personally thank you to the city to the board and, of course, to ocii which i think is one of the most fundamental thing is the redevelopment over the last 2 years we've made it through and ocii is doing amazing work and i'm honored to be attached to that work so thank you
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(clappin (clapping). >> supervisors our next accomodation by supervisor campos. thank you very much mr. president. and it is my pleasure to ask francisco to please come on up. and full disclosure we have a special connection with the gentleman because my chief of staff is married to him and they have the cutest daughter. but i'm really this is really honored to be able to present
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this certificate to francisco so who is leaving his position as the legal director at delores street for a job he's had for more than 6 years. and i can honestly say having seen this time and time again that my time there's a need for an immigrant family in san francisco when legal services legal help is needed the person that we turn to time and time again is francisco. the good news is froops is not going far he has accepted a job
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with our deputy city attorney and he has a deportation defense program at the public defender's office who are placed in deportation procedures it makes sense your representing the legal part for those people facing immigration things. francisco will be surprisingly kourndz on the various dispositions in criminal cases and his input will be invaluable it is hard to understand how important this is. and we're lucky francisco will be joining the public defender's office the public defenders gain is delores streets loss.
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over the last 6 years francisco is the person to go to with immigration issues he's prchtd the deportation of hundreds of cabinets and keep e kept countless families together. he takes the toughest cases the ones that are nearly impossible to win and won every case he's taken. i know that i mean i'd like super heros there's a lot of super heros gotham has batman and immigrants in san francisco has francisco he is a moving lawyer he understands how the cases can spearhead and advance the individual case and the movement.